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Our School and Its Purpose

Magalia Adventist School is an accredited elementary school for grades 1-8. We exist for the purpose of providing our students with an education within the framework of the principles in God's Word. We promote a personally meaningful and growing relationship with Jesus Christ in every aspect of the student's life. Not only is it our objective to enhance the quality of life now, but to help our students develop Christ-like qualities that will fit them for eternity.

Our curriculum covers all the core subjects, each of which is enriched with individualized or differentiated instruction. Teacher-student ratio is low, allowing students to progress at an accelerated rate or at a rate suitable to expansion of their knowledge in each subject area. We stress academic excellence across the curriculum, and our testing scores show we are meeting those goals admirably. Besides basic core subjects, the school program includes computer education, choir, bells, art, and practical skill building. Specialty resource help is available when necessary.

Magalia Adventist School is a small, warm and loving Christian school where family values are encouraged and cherished. We are committed to a "non-bullying" and safe atmosphere in which to learn. Our students are taught to be supportive and encouraging to one another, and our school seeks to offer family support through educational programs and extra-curricular activities. We are also quite active in community service outreach throughout the school year.  

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